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Reclaim your Health & Vitality through Personalized Nutrition

No matter what your age, feeling lousy is unacceptable.  Your body is designed to remain healthy and vibrant throughout your lifespan.  But somewhere along the line things may have gone astray.


Poor nutrition, chronic stress, sleep deprivation and environmental factors can slowly rob you of your well being.  Weight gain, cravings, fatigue, digestive distress and chronic inflammation begin to set in.  This can set the stage for conditions such as IBS, diabetes, autoimmunity and more.


Many women turn to fad diets, prescription drugs, or just accept feeling crappy as a part of life.  It does not have to be this way. 


Enter, the Feeling Groovy Project!


Hi! My name is Amanda Chocko and am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner specializing in gut health, blood sugar balance and autoimmunity.   I utilize a holistic, bio-individual approach to help identify nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle factors that may be robbing of your health and vitality.


Together, we will customize a sustainable nutrition and lifestyle plan to get you on the road to feeling and looking your best !

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