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30 minute Discovery Call  Cost: Free

We will discuss your personal goals and find out if Nutritional Therapy

is right for you.  This consult is a prerequisite to all other offerings.


Nutritional Kick-Start Consultation Cost: $95

We will review your nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle habits and discuss factors that may be contributing to your current state of health. You will leave with actionable recommendations so that you can begin working consciously and effectively towards your desired health goals.

  • ​In depth nutritional, lifestyle & sleep assessment to help identify the root cause of your health issues

  • ​One 60 minute face-to-face consultation

  • Nutritional, sleep & lifestyle recommendations

  • Tips and resources to get you started

  • Cost can be applied to Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Package

Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Package  Cost: $395

This 4-week program is designed to identify and correct nutritional and lifestyle imbalances that may be robbing you of your mojo.  We will customize a sustainable plan that will nourish you and get you on the road to feeling great. This package includes:

  • In depth nutritional, sleep & lifestyle assessment to help identify the root cause of your symptoms

  • Personalized nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle plan

  • Nutrition and lifestyle resources and education

  • Weekly support and coaching meetings to help keep you on track

  • On going follow up sessions (additional cost may apply)

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